Living is all about fleeting changes. The future seems uncertain, the past too preachy and the present, confusing. Beyond all the happenings and doings lies a plane, imaginary though your’s own. That don’t judge you   for your deeds, neither for who you are but it just helps you see, WHAT MADE YOU INTO WHO YOU ARE.

My blog RECYCLED DREAMS is just a journey through your days, days you have spent in all these years, it’s just a reflection of the soul you have. All the words I share with you here are meant to start a lifelong conversation, a conversation with you and your real self. All I do is to fill the gap, by opening  things you overlooked, that took you away from yourself.

I want to take you to those wonderful, fine dreams that you once bore with innocence. I want to bring them back to just make you realize how far you have moved on in life, and so I call these conversations as RECYCLED DREAMS.

Anytime you want to knock and say “Hi!”, this is where you can find me : 


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  1. Ayan says:

    I see where this came from… So, you do write about what you think and feel about your conversations… “past is preachy” …nyc! kip it up!

    1. creepycouch says:

      Well I couldn’t actually relate to what you said but yeah I do believe in what I say. Our past is a long trail that teaches us so much that at times we forget what actually we should learn out of it. So, “learning from the past” is not really that beneficial every time.

  2. Visha says:

    Sorry to get here so late, but as they say – better late than never 😉

    Whats the story behind the blog name – creepycouch 😀

    1. creepycouch says:

      I love conversations. Planned, unplanned, impromptu, funny, almost anything. I say my blog is about conversations and what can be more fulfilling than sitting in a couch and talking creepy?! 😉

  3. wh1skey says:

    i like what you write. and yes i understand it. in the part where life happens to you, one tends to lose out on what was always ones own. dreams.

    but the phrase recycled dreams? no ma’am. i cant digest that. i am not judging it ma’am, all i am saying is recycled probably is not the best ploy that could have been used here.

    and creepy couch? i did read the above justification, but why creepy? i mean the minute you say creepy, one either imagines a stalker or a plant. you as far as i can make out are neither. and that bindi which is more of a beauty spot on you than a bindi only adds to it. try sudeshna. its a very beautiful name. and i am sure its more you than creepy couch.

    ps: pardon the cheesiness. it is but a lousy habit that i seem to be too used to, to let go off.

    1. creepycouch says:

      Yes creepy couch was earlier the name, recycled dreams is a rechristened name. I understand your opinions and thank you for going through everything so patiently! 🙂

      1. wh1skey says:

        Such a waste of such a pretty name.
        anyway, no thank you’s required ma’am. it was fun.

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