A collection of my poems : Some thoughts captured in words.

I have a penchant for poems. It is for me a way to paint a picture. POETIC DAWN is an attempt to archive my poems so that you can reach them in the melee. THE SPLASH PHENOMENON is the place where  you can find them peeping. 


How often does this happen that you fall in love and you don’t even have the scope to express it. For the rest of your life you keep breathing knowing in every pulse that you have lost the person whom you wanted the  most in  your life unknowingly, unreasonably, unintentionally. How will it hurt when you lose something without even having it even for once in your lifetime? “Maybe we” is an ode to that fallen love of our lives.

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I will not speak about it, no matter what just read it.

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 A poem dedicated to a man, rather an old man I met outside a coffee shop. He wanted to sell his book to people who were too busy in their chit-chats to even spare a glance at him. He still went on reaching out to them with a fading smile on his face and hoping that “someone” WILL buy his book. What would you do if you were there? Would you have stayed back or would have moved on cursing the man?

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Life changes with every passing season.We cherish something for long and when it fades away,  gets rusted with time we just sit back and watch it go, too tired of trying to hold it back . What we are left with is a void when something precious to us is lost. My words lament the promises  of love.

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” Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

Rabindranath Tagore.

People happen to us. They come and join us for a walk through our days. They become a habit, a routine, a solace and slowly they become just another part of “ME”. Then at times we get tired, we want to slow down and the other person has no time. Just then when we wish that the person will just wait for us to catch up,we see that they have moved on. We are left back,on our own, to catch up. This poem is dedicated to a friend, whom, I truly love but maybe my friend have to much around to just feel it.

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