I am the girl, I dare you can let your daughter be.

I am unapologetic-ally myself. I sound arrogant, rude, snob and at times too blatant. You might wonder, what does she even think?

You look the other way round, you label me, you judge. Wait, pause! What exactly was my sin?

I do not conform to the rules you lay, I would prefer bending them to my convenience. I am aware and loud on that.

Do you know, you do that too? But, silently. That in my dictionary comes under the category of ‘Hypocrite’. Well, that’s what even a sheep does, follow the herd without realizing its action.

I refuse to be the sheep.

I speak up. I have a voice and an opinion that matters to me. I can say, I will definitely give you enough space to speak, you see, listening comes easy to me but I won’t refrain from letting you know what I thought. I won’t let you pass me by. You cannot treat me like flesh and bones and chain me into your perverted frame of mind and wish I never protest. I can come back way too hard.

Care about your hurt ego? Lost esteem?

Remember how I was always made the easy pawn? I was my daddy’s little princess but for the world always a pawn. No, it was not about men treating me bad. It was also, about a lot of women who aided men in such endeavors. Women, alas! Does most harm to other women.

You remember being the girl who stood mute in the group of boys, that teased me as I passed? I remember the grin too. You remember spreading rumors about how much of a slut I have become? You did witness my stories better than me, didn’t you?

So, my dear judge, my fellow girlie-mate, shall we talk about you sometime over a cuppa and see how much of your sins could we rinse?

I am not in need for attention. I need no affirmation from you about the choices I make. My choice to stay single has nothing to do with any disinterest in relationships or fear of commitments. I am single because that’s how I currently (or for quite a long time) would like to live. I do not need a male by my side and sign c/o before my existence just because your society wants it that way. I can pretty well eat,sleep,drink,work,breathe,look,think,care,travel,shop,party,repeat without a partner. I am in for ‘solo’ more than you can think.

I don’t need your money nor your surname. I need no dreams to be sold to me. I have my own and things I don’t have yet, I am just working on the plan to own them someday.

You talk about worth? I speak of value.

You talk of trade? The societal give and take? I can create all of it myself.

I will step out, one baby step at a time from my comfort zone, I will expand into horizons, melt with the sunset, I will be the blanket of fog, you see, I am that malleable but you will be mistaken if you think you can pull me in cognizance with your lies.

I am the feminist who thinks, feminism is not about women only. It is about attaining a balance between genders.

I am that Cinderella who just wanted a night out and some liberty to enjoy herself, not a prince charming.

I am that humanist, who don’t believe in your idol worship stereotype of faith. What has faith and the power of supreme got to do with your clay dolls? Maybe the costlier, bronze, gold or silver?

I am that girl, who loves her work, who is ambitious, who never thinks her return time to home can become a concern for you.

What exactly your society calls me for that? A woman of questionable character?

In the end, it’s fine you know. The ‘I’  is not singular. ‘I’ is that bunch, which stinks of freedom from you and your posses. ‘I’ symbolize that ‘We’,  which is growing by the day.

We are silent yet powerful. We were always there, only lesser before. The more you tried to suppress us, our spines grew stronger and flesh thicker. We are for you that drop of devil blood from which a new one keeps cropping up.

Think this time, a little harder before you say or do, what  you have done always. Get rid of your judgement. Think like a human that you are, not like the animal your instinct or you society has turned you into.

Your daughters might become one of us soon if you don’t, still.


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