2:00 a.m

Delhi – kalka mail

Okay! settled down on the upper birth now and the train has left the station. This shaky bed is giving me a hard time. Here comes the bihari babus, sincerely discussing bistars for the side berths. 😛 Sadly, I didn’t have the girl for company but I had an excellent surprise from a friend and lets not get into its details.

Here my fellow traveler is busy texting someone with his phone set in general mode and with a weird message tone which is followed by giggles, which can be passed as rhythmic hiccups caused by some pleasure texts he seems to be getting… :/ (pfft! I am such a bitch 😛 )   

All the pandemonium has fizzled now…slowly…the words are distant…I can just hear the train move…and these machines work,their typical sounds…I see the laptop screen which few minutes back showed my friends, on Facebook, I see their words but slowly as the sound of the train moving becomes predominant all the hustle and bustle seem to fizzle out…I can just hear my tapping on the laptop, and also a little voice inside me which is waiting for a small note to come her way but it hasn’t,not yet. Will it come? She doesn’t know. She is going away, maybe for a few days but still away from it all. The heart still wonders what will it come back with.

I guess I will doze off for now as I have become very philosophical in here and fuck! Here comes the old ticket checker…”Hello! Hello! Ticket dekhna hae! DIKHAO! Abhi itna hi dekhta baad mein identity proof bhi mangta, abhi jo itnasab hota na, ei j chaaro torof, isliye mangta!” and my darling mom speaks up,”Nahi nahi dada! Hum log government office ka izzatdaar log hain yahan. Office k kaam se ja rahein hain,hum “waise” nahi hain” :p

Enough and now that all is silent again (no I see that mobile phone ka screen lightened again 😦  ,anyways! pheew!!!) I WILL BUZZ OFF…

Uh! should I say good night or morning?! o_O

Chuck it! Good night!! 🙂


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  1. arka mukherjee says:

    U evr watched d movie aranyer dinratri by satyajit roy or later on abar aranye?? A movie based on travel xperince.dere was a spcl funda f enjoyment ..whr rabi ghosh lighted d newspaper nd said “sovvotar sathe somosto somporko sesh”….now y m saying dis???i hope u vl understand nd fcourse d person who is busy texting in sound mode…hehe..enjoy d trip…

    1. creepycouch says:

      Yeah I planned to watch those, akhono dekha hoye otheni but I have read the whole script of abar aranye by Goutam da. Jodio m still connected to civilization but it feels m far away from what’s known.

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