To the dead soul

“Two turtle doves will show thee
Where my cold ashes lie
And sadly murmuring tell thee
How in tears I did die” 
― Nikolai Gogol

We , the humans, arguably the most evolved species of the time, nurture the habit of caring, treasuring what is most precious to us.

What if comes a day when you find that the diamond you treasured all the while in your trove is nothing but only a pebble? 

Would you want to run away? Feel deceived and mourn the waste? Would you still cling on to the hope of turning that stone to diamond?

People, I see all around me look so empty. The appurtenance to the throbbing trance of the urban life is a vacuum. Look around, if you can spare a moment from your never ceasing array of indulgence, you will find eyes which has shine you would want to save, eyes which has deceit, eyes which has twisted tales of sorrow but what will you see is that they are equally void. 

I wander lonely in the crowd, the catharsis of soot blanketed souls amazes me. I just look at them and hear what all they has to speak. They speak tall, they speak loud, they boast, they concede, they comprehend and all of them, I heard, they lament the loss of a bright soul into the filthiness of circumstances. My friend, the world is round, and earth today is smaller than the tiniest of the stars we have never known, we all lament and do so of each other.

We are all in search of happiness but what is happiness if we have never been content? I hear my dear friend say, of leaving the worldly pleasures and I can read in the shine of those eyes, how much tangled is the soul in the web of materialism and how much it is just a slave of human bonds. I would have saved the light in them if I was let to.

Life knows no reason. All it knows is the trajectory which we build , we break and we bridge. I might not have it all, know it all but I know what I know and I mind not learning. Can we not stop treasuring for a moment and start gathering more to care?

Well the answer is up for a toss. The storm has gathered momentum. I might not be there for generations but dear friend, my words will be here, forever. They are not tall neither loud, they are mellow whispered in your ears but is certain to ring, recur in your mind. 

Ask if you may, if you can, to yourself and nobody knows it better.


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  1. A long breather, after those, “IS I COOL” sort of nuisances. This is a no non-sense talk, and I’m out of my vocabulary to praise the writing.

    Thank you for serving me with some food for my mal-nutritious thoughts. Keep writing, keep smiling. My best wishes are with you.

    1. creepycouch says:

      Thank you for your praise. I believe i could reach out to some people out there through whatever little I can write. That is all I wanted, always! 🙂

      1. Go out, grab the world. It’s your’s.

  2. wh1skey says:

    🙂 a perfect early morning read. here’s a different perspective. the people you call loud, the people that boast, the people with deceit in their eyes, to be unbiased basically all of them. get into their shoes, try and understand why they do what they do, you realize you could do it all day. and then laugh about it, as to how the one up there has made all of them so very different and shaped them all so differently and smile at yourself, for you know. not something you can boast of knowing, but that truly worth knowing. and while u r at it, write more often. its a treat i tell u.

    1. creepycouch says:

      I understand what you say 🙂
      I have not “called” them but that is how we all are. I am just patient enough to understand and not laugh it off. I see trouble in the lives of people I love dearly and also in the people whom I don’t know. This was just an attempt to sit them down and go through once within themselves. Tell me what they have, joy or sorrow all is inside that mind which plays the dice. Can we not detach from all of it and redeem ourselves. What more can a person want when he is content. The joy that we will breed then is sure to resonate among all the other people we live with, around.

      1. wh1skey says:

        of course you have not called anyone anything. we all are what we are. but tell me, can sitting one down and make them go through themselves change anything? in one hearing, maybe not. in two, maybe not. in three again maybe not. in four, well you may have started seeing five, it may vanish. what i am trying to say is, i love what you are doing. but every one of them is different. and to reach out to every one of them, requires more time and patience then i at least can muster. the mind plays the dice ma’am, but till you don’t understand it specifically, how do you know what dice to play to breed it? 🙂

        and when a person is content ma’am, its then that he actually wants something, more for the world, a few more good men. its when one is content with himself, does he see himself capable to make others the same way. and that he is why he laughs, for he has found another one to corrupt into a state of bliss. .

      2. creepycouch says:

        I admire this perspective really but I believe yet differences transpires into similarities until they fall deep into neutral grounds. 🙂

  3. rajarshi03 says:

    I am deeply touched by very thought you have presented here. In the world of today not many a soul would have the patience to just hold on and contemplate on what used to be the very definition of A True Happy Life. It brings to my remembrance a great poetry which has somewhere “What man has made of man!”…

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