Book Review: Tantra by Adi


Publisher – Apeejay Stya Publishing
MRP– Rs.195
Twitter– @dearadi
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ISBN– 978-81-908636-2-9
Yes even books have trailers these days!!! 😀 Reach out, watch this.
The very first line is bound to startle you because in practice you never can imagine a girl, who is modern and sassy, chewing beetle leaf while walking past the road. That very visual of red, nutty liquid smeared on her lips is bound to make you know more about her.
She is, Anu Agarwal, around her the story revolves. She comes from New York to New Delhi on a mission to destroy a crime link and soon realizes that she has more evils to fight for than she ever thought of. She seeks help from several gurus and tantriks as she fights the evil. The one binding element in the novel is its twisted plot, where the bad always races faster than the good.For the readers it is a binding chase indeed!
The protagonist Anu returns from New York and land herself in Delhi, in her aunt’s cradle. She is our girl next door, office goer. The same is imposed more when her aunt is busy finding her boys to marry and she, on the contrary falls for someone else. The Indian spice elements are very well present and it conglomerates with the thriller elements. The girl is from the beginning an impulsive woman and that reflects in whatever she does. The man she first meets in a party ends up getting a kiss and that too in the spur of the moment. Although there were no immediate follow ups and the story rather chose to move to some flashbacks, it took some interesting leads later. Well, I would not say what it was as it is your turn now to read and find out. The death that left a scar in her mind, the death of her fiancee had been a source of interest as well as been a matter of fact in the whole novel.  I am sure that every Indian, who loves reading books under bed-sheet with a torchlight will get a pacy read  with Tantra. Yes, in-spite of Tantra being a thriller, there are ample areas where you find these daily Indian tadka.
The twist in the story happens when the children from the city starts vanishing suddenly. Anu gets the feeling that this was no ordinary phenomenon. She sets out the find the criminals and discovers a criminal circle which has vampire as accomplices. Now what does she do? She finds a guru to learn all the chants and takes on learning weapons. She is shown to bank on her practices and intuitions till the very last moment. What happens? Does she win? Does she succumb?
Grab a copy to find the answers!! 🙂
A good read for people who drool over the twilight series. Hannibal fans, don’t dare touch this!
“Tantra” has its fair share of eroticism, sweet mushing and thrill. All said and done, I would say that the author had kept it simple by using structured sentences and lucid language. I personally expect a bit more improvement on the story building part and also some attention to the character’s skins. Also being an avid reader of classics, i felt that the novel needed a polish in terms of story presentation. Although it has been a rare phenomenon in the recent works but there are indeed people, writers who maintained a lot of parameters intact while catering to the Indian readers keeping in mind the global scenario. Still every book has its own unique point, its own identity to which readers can relate to and Tantra do have the potential to leave a mark on your mind.

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  1. Rupertt Wind says:

    Its a nice and succinct review of the Tantra

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