Let’s do it this way, you pull me down inside the wooden box where I lie only sticking my head out. You be the magician and let another man come to me with a saw, you mouth the spell and let your people watch in wonder as the man rummages the box with the blade and I lie inside cold, fearing to lose me when I can hear the wood creak.

For long the days have not been the same as they used to be in the winters. They say, season but I know it is us, we are the reason. You may know the happiness of a surrender, I too know the pleasure of rain but were they your silent tears in which I drowned myself?

Urban sounds, they were never for us, we could only read us in the silence of that room from which you could see the mountains of fog and where there was dust everywhere but it was so clear there between us and so I say these city sounds are too loud down here, too loud for you to even hear me cry.

Sleep is a futile exercise these days, it has only become a matter of time for me where my mind resonates the sounds associated with your words, they keep ringing in my mind like a lullaby until I just fall asleep like a baby, coil up in one corner of the bed and leave the other corner  empty in a constant hope you will be there someday.

I wake up to an empty wall, where there are no photographs of us, there are no clouds too in our sky, of late it has been raining too much. The storm that blew hard one day had broken a small plant tub we had put together in a corner of our house, we went out to look for its pieces but in two different directions and I just lost my way, when I found the way back,our house was lying in ruins. People say there happened a bigger storm when we were busy looking for those small pieces of the plant tub.

Life goes on, happiness is just round the corner and I keep running around to find that corner at the end of some pavement and keep thinking that it must be some corner of your heart but then I know you were only an illusion of happiness.

Let’s do it this way then, let us be strangers and I will wear a mask. Can you paint your face white? I don’t want to see that tint of gray anymore and let us sing a song and hum a monotone as we walk on the parallel roads and play strangers.

>>>picture courtesy- http://www.jarrodjones.com<<&lt;

2 Comments Add yours

  1. umashankar says:

    A tale told entirely in symbols and imagery, starting with that stunning saw and box to rains, fog, dust and the tempest. Could it get more intense than this?

    1. creepycouch says:

      I was trying to do a visual sketch through those lines since I presently don’t have the opportunity to create a true visual. Happy that you liked it. Thank you. 🙂

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