Book Review – RIP by MUKUL DEVA

Book Review – RIP by MUKUL DEVA 

Book- RIP
Author- Mukul Deva
Publisher : Westland Books
Genre : Thriller, Fiction

Volatile yet well structured can best describe Mukul Deva’s latest thriller R.I.P for me. From a person who has been an ex-personnel of the Army and have in his tow five best-sellers in the last five years, the fast paced thriller was expected to bind the reader and it did. Successfully!

The story revolves around a team that has set up a mission for themselves, that aims directly at the system and in a very precise way puts in together their efforts to cleanse it. The protagonists face challenges from two most significant institutions of our system, one being the official team led by Vinod Bedi, Special Director CBI and Nandakumar his deputy while the other is the unofficial team led by Raghav Bhagat, rogue para commando, who has been hired by the Home Minister to take down the K-Team. What intrigued me throughout is the way Deva has kept the tension taught and alive. It is indeed a challenge to work for the betterment when the basic institution of faith are tumbling.

The best part of the narration is it’s visual treat. The words and characters almost, promptly appears infront of the reader and the incidents become alive. The book covers events such as the IC-814 hijacking, the Bofors and 2G scams. In the times when corruption and dirty politics have spread  its roots far and wide, such a novel was very apt in its approach. The point that Deva has tried to put through is very clear, when the nation is almost asking questions in a fit of rage to the system, with the ‘common man syndrome”  spreading throughout the country, he tries to make his readers see reason. The thrust in his writing is quite prominent when the K-tem ,Krishna Athawale, Major Karan Singh, Major Kevin David, Major Kashif Nadeem, Major Kamlesh Saikia and Major Kulwant Singh Bajwa come together to fight the evils in a way that guards patriotism very fiercely. Enemies of our motherland are within the system and we are overlooking this fact for years now. The narrative is harsh on the people who just callously sits and blame others for the depreciation of the political situation sitting over a cup of coffee in the comfort of their homes oblivious to the fact that without action nothing can turn good to them.

There is also a distinct approach to the lives of the civilians in the plot and it brings out poignantly how the innocent lives are affected because of the filth. Without much divulging I would say it was at a certain point a bit too abortive. The story begins with a rough sketch that actually adds to the beauty of it but too much description at places makes the reader withdraw at certain junctures.

Overall a good read, that leaves you thinking a lot about the structure and ethics of our Governance. Go on and grab a copy. Enjoy reading! 🙂

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