10:29 p.m

reporting from the mess in the house,

Just got a call from my mother and is really pissed off right now, from the time I have entered home in the evening, the whole world is conspiring against me! >_<  Sometimes I feel like screaming, loud, very loud, so that I can make people fall silent because it is there words that cause me trouble, everytime. I am still a lot confused and thus extremely irritated. I am only hoping that my irritation doesn’t come out in a bitter way!

Well I wake up today with my aunt asking me to come along with her, to her office. ( she is having this huge issue in her office these days and today she didn’t want to go alone, so… ) I was dumbfounded as me and my brother were already ready with some plans! Anyways, I tagged along with her ( that I do very well, I am always the “extra” , everywhere, maybe) , all decked up to become a complete idiot in a Uttar Pradesh Rail office! Man you need to be there to see how “efficient” the people are and just for an example, the ladies of the office have their lunch in a hideout on the rooftop just because when they take a snore-filled nap after having food their senior can’t spot them there!! :O

After this sojourn I go out with my brother and his friends to this place, which is basically a hangout zone for youngsters and I will not get into the details of it but yes I relaxed after a long time and was basically quite happy that I went out with them only to come back home to some awful facts.

There is a person in my life, whom I am trying to trust these days, trying to bank upon maybe but the more I try, it gets more difficult. There is always a denial in everything I do, it has just included another name.

I am upset and I took resort to my brother, its good to have him around, a friend, someone I can trust. 🙂

“The night is here, midnight is soon to follow and my escape awaits me. Rather I wait for it. Till I can remain sane, I will but the time I am not I want you to hold me tight and save me from my fall.”

Tommorow will be a new day, a new start and I wait for it to be fine,just fine.

Good night! 🙂



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