06:43 p.m

shifting places, room and hall

Well to start it off,I am writing the diaries of day 6 and 7 together, intentionally. The year ending and the start of another year has never fascinated me, anyhow and I don’t even bother to wonder why. The last day of the year leaves a taste of itself, no matter how hard we party to kick it away and fantasize about the coming year!

Huh! So, yesterday, I went to those famous Dashawamedh gali, with my brother and made him walk twice all around. Those thin alleys are lined with shops, desultorily packed. There you can discover its sound and smell. The commotion of devotees, of the shop-keepers shouting out loud to prey on customers, the confused foreigners who keep on asking routes, the engrossed buyers and not to forget those black, fat oxes! You see  some angry, orange-cloth clad sadhus moving around, with vermilion smeared forehead and smelling like flowers or sandalwood. There are monks around and paan-walas too. I actually got a good click yesterday, a person mixing the famous Benarasi paan masala! Oh man! I tasted quite a few too just to feel nausea-tic. 😛

Later the thandai came my way, I was drooling over bhang but my darling brother became the ox in my way to it. So, I will have to wait for a home session of it but the thandai was yummy! 😀 The next stop ( with drowsy eyes 😉  ) was my mom’s training camp as she said she wanted to see my beauty-fool face 😛 . I reach there to find all those men co-campers telling mom that I look like her sister and not daughter ( Jeez! I can see you through man, stop hitting on my mom for Christ’s sake.) ;p

I come back home to see off my brother for a midnight party as I stay back at home since it’s not good for girls to go out at night here. 😦 No worries, I wrote a blog post, read books, and slept! 😀

The next morning I wake up with a call from a friend, Amrita, a person who is always a delight, chirpily wishing me a happy new year and telling me that I am absolutely not happy in Varanasi 😛 (I know why she said that! 🙂  )

I jump out of bed as my aunt says to get ready as fast as I can because they  have planned to visit Sarnath ( a place where you find remnants of Buddhism, I mean, that is the place where the spread almost started and there are beautiful statues, remnants obviously but still its great to witness a piece of history). We reach there travelling in autos just to land in a pool of people, they were swarming!!! Disappointed that we were, we started our visits. One funny thing happened, there is this museum where there are statues, curated by Archaeological Survey of India. In one of its galleries I spotted an old monk rubbing his hands on a female figurine! Swear I saw this! 😮 I was stumped and his face told that he was for sure not checking the stone! >_<

My brother and his gang of friends joined us there only to fight with his mother and leave! Never mind, we found our way to kebabs, the best in the city, Tunday kebabs! 🙂 Delicious! Mother called to say that she will grace us with her visit, we rush back home and she never showed up!! No calls, no answers, finally she steps in, her highness, for five Looong minutes(according to her! ) with her friend and leaves in a furor!

Huh! People! I watched this movie in parts today, fifty-fifty, it’s about a boy who survives cancer, believe me, it was, awesome. I like. Painful though but still at the end I was quite relaxed! 😀

Life scares me a lot, it is still scaring me,the days here are coming to an end and I don’t want to go back to certain people there but a few others(very few of them) are there whom I miss, its very tough a decision, my college is a big deal for me, it pisses me off! 😦  But…

Let me see what interesting I can find here for now and my brother is back at home, DRUNK! and my uncle is giving a jhar!! 😀


Good night! 🙂


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