(A couple gets into a talk, sitting in their living area, on a cozy Saturday evening…)

Rhea : This is bad! Weekends are getting longer these days. The whole week we try and pacify ourselves at office and now             weekends are even hard to tolerate.

Anirudh: So lets make it interesting, shall I switch off the lights and give way to candles?

Rhea: Hmm.. what will follow after the candles burn out?

( Anirudh moves closer, holds her hand,tries to pull her to himself but Rhea pushes him away

Anirudh: What? ( looks a bit perplexed )

Rhea: I am not in a mood for a face scrub!  😐

Anirudh: eh? What?

Rhea: That, the stubble on your face, whenever you kiss me having those, I feel someone is rubbing scotch-brite on my face. So..

Anirudh: Is it? (Again tries to give her a peck, Rhea shoves him back, another try to snuggle up also goes in vain, Rhea can see him crave for her but she knows this is the only way to make him get rid of his evening stubble. 😛 )

Rhea: I am going out. To Priyam’s place, will be late.

Anirudh: Why baby? Someone here wants you to stay back! ( He frowns )

Rhea: Then he knows what to do.

Anirudh: FOR WHAT? (Rhea can see the reddening face clearly)

Rhea: For some peek into the Arianne Marilyn Bustier ( winks ) 😉

Anirudh: Now I know! Do you guarantee me yourself if I get rid of this evening stubble? Do you?

Rhea: Yes. I can be your seductress for the coming two days atleast, till the time the stubble shows up again!

Anirudh: I will run to the basin then! ( literally runs to shave )

Rhea: I am waiting! 🙂

( This is the exact thing I will do to my man if he doesn’t get rid of his evening stubble, make him crave for me because I am the best thing for him, anytime. 😉  )

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nirvana says:

    buahahahaha!!!! seductress indeed!! Well done! 😀

    1. creepycouch says:

      Hey thanx buddy! 😀 Read yours too. Me likes 🙂

  2. HaHaHa! Like it! 😀


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