12:20 a.m


It’s freezing here and there are only clouds and fog around, we are planning to go out but I am presently dancing around the bathroom,giving multiple thoughts on whether to take a bath or not. My phone is on roaming and its frustrating. Couldn’t give any updates yesterday at night ‘coz I was hell tired and I will tell you what I did. 

We left for an uncle’s place around 5 in the evening and there we were walking through those narrow by-lanes of Varanasi, through random music shops, firangs, mithae k dukaan,  lassi shops, jewellery shops and what not. I was busy saving myself from not stepping on those shit drops which was scattered all around and not bumping into a fat, black, ox!

These lanes have their own identity of sorts, once you are here, in them, you know how it smells, sounds and even look. While we walk past here,I can hear chants of different kinds of prayers because with the temples there are mosques, churches and even gurudwaras. All there words and whispers transcended into a certain prayer that was not of any particular religion but felt like as if every one, individually, are coming together, and humming the same words,which meant peace. 

Here when you walk, there is a smell, the smell of the river, of all the shit around, of firangs who don’t take a bath for ages, of malai, lassi, rabri, pera, imartis , of chaats that are very famous here, of the burning oil from the temples, the smell of powders that are mixed to make sacred tikas , some smells which I wanted to trace down and all these topped with the smell of the incense sticks, buried here and there. 

The roads here are complete mess, no traffic control and all the policemen I spotted were more into the eatery joints, savoring delicacies and less taking charge of their work. (I pray I don’t get arrested for saying this here given the present condition of my DEMOCRATIC country) 😦  

The uncle we went to is a very renowned musician and soon as we enter their home,we can hear a beautiful sound, coming from guitar, sitar and tabla. The next few hours that we spent there was listening to different ragas , intricately weaved together by the hand of the master. Words fall short when I try to describe the beauty of the ambiance that I discovered yesterday and the cadence I can still hear. We took their leave and headed back to those lanes, this time we were calmer and headed to the ghats, which was drowsy and chilled by that time, people were cornering up around the fire to warm themselves up and we loitered around just to come back after a while.

Its noon now and I am still sleepy, in my bed clothes and my brother has a friend here at home, I suppose I should go and get ready now. Well, just because I am itching to say, the worst part of breaking up with someone is you end up in a mess where people keep on asking WHY,HOW etc! No, I am NOT thinking any of these, I will find something interesting to do for now. 🙂


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  1. arka mukherjee says:

    Whn u r suffering frm a disease d doc smtimes advice u to change d air fr d betterment and a qck recovery…i think d varanasi diary mean a very less fr d reader and a lot fr u…just cause u r suffering frm d most frequent disease now a days fr d genx,y,z….yes almost every day ur brkup is spoiling sm type tym frm ur valuable costly schedule f lyf…try to frget all dis stuff nd enjoy ur tym nd nxt tym i wish u vl cm more vth ur lovely tour de varanasi nd fcourse vthout d brkup story…all d best nd gey well soon…

    1. creepycouch says:

      I am not sick or something and yeah the tour will help but there are stuff that crops up now and then, pushing me to the corner for a while but I know there is and end to it .. soon 🙂

      1. arka mukherjee says:

        All mah best wishes are vth u..

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