10:21 p.m

reporting from under the blanket with bhai gazing my write-up

Huh, long day ! After a much delayed lunch we finally lifted our asses to go out and we had a pherend (friend 😛 ) for company, well, yes, that friend of my brother who came in the morning. So, we decided to go to the Assi Ghat and we did so. The auto ride to the ghat was spent discussing “bang-o-li language” with my brother’s “non bang-o-li friend”.

The main motive today was to click pictures and I did click them until I was shit tired walking down the ghats. The walk was filled with some amazing moments though. The times when little children were smiling at us, an old monk obliging himself to pose for us, a bunch of young girls refusing to get clicked, boatmen asking for a ride in their boats and a lot little things conglomerated with a friendly chatter of the threesome.

I see a young foreigner, smoking and walking along the ghats, I see his deep blue eyes and the rag he carries, loosely worn graphic t-shirt with a loose harem, the unkempt hair, stiff frame wrapped in a pale,reddish white skin, he was looking at me, but the gaze was lost and so distant that I felt he could look through me,beyond the place where I was standing. It is now in my mind’s gallery, another picture among a few collected ones, that I remember and see. I understand now why Varanasi always has its own picture painted in the mind of people visiting this place.

Varanasi with all its uniqueness will remain unmatched to any other place in this world. It will continue to amaze me, everytime I come to her. Now that the day is ending,the cold has seeped in very cozily and it demands me beneath it, completely.

I am waiting for a call though! Lets see if it comes 😛

Good night!  😀

…and yeah, there are pictures on facebook. 🙂


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  1. arka mukherjee says:

    Hey i dnt hv ur can i call u???…lol..:P

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