02:41 p.m

Varanasi, Mahmoorganj

Here I am sitting comfortable in my brother’s room,while he waits to get his chance to do Facebook on my laptop I am here giving updates 🙂 . 

We got down the train at Mughalsarai station and the coolies started pouring down and my mom started shoving them away telling, hum yahi k hain, humko galat salat mat samjhao, kaun jaega? Well frankly, I was a bit embarrased! 😦 

My end leg of the journey in train was basically spent sleeping and hiding my face from some prying eyes. This guy was actually good, helpful, since he didn’t disturb and all. 😛 Now that we finally got down at the station we had to manage for autos which took us to the main city of Varanasi,and to this place from where I am giving updates. The road was awful,amazing,irritating,boring,good and maybe thought-provoking?! Who knows? I am still in a bit of daze and it feels good that I am in a place that’s completely unknown to me,where I can get lost and I will have to literally find my way back, where no one knows me and I know no one. Yes, I missed this in Kolkata and believe me all those known faces and their twisted stories with me took the better of me. So, a lot of peace now, I am planninng to visit the ghats now with my brother, lets see what interesting I can bring for you from there..well there are certain pictures, weird ones but yeah I will put them up , sometime soon, since people are dancing on my head to leave the computer for now.  😛




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