On my way to Varanasi, leaving “my city” -The city of joy, Kolkata. Yes, a vacation indeed.  🙂 It’s been five years now I went for one. A lot of mercy is bestowed on me this year. Although life now is reeling under a lot something deep down seems too right to be true. Amidst all that has gone wrong and is going wrong, life still seems promising. 😛

Well to put my schedule and agendas in a nutcase, I am on a vacation with my mother,who is basically going for an in-service  training to Varanasi. So, it seems I’m just tagging along. :p Now, the funny part is, my mother IS from Benaras and thus I have a family living there, an aunt, an uncle and a brother, whom I fondly call “bhai”. 🙂 This,therefore basically turns out to be a family visit for me and yeah a long waited outing. What I have planned for my readers is, I will write my diary here for them so that they can see (rather read) what I am upto in my vacation. I will keep giving updates,anytime I can, starting from my departure to the time I come back to this city. Well, I will call this series “THE VARANASI DIARIES” and from here I will love to be the cynosure of your eyes. 😀  😉


8:10 p.m

Howrah railway station, Kolkata.

The train was scheduled at around 8 and now it is late by 6  hours, so basically it is arriving at 2 in the night and I have nothing to do but to scribble here. :/  Sitting upstairs, in the first-class waiting room (and it still feels like shit and I would have sat downstairs in the station,if it was upto me because there I could have seen so many different people with so many different stories all over them 😐 ) I am trying to brings my thoughts to words for you. There are many and haphazard, I let them be random as I write them down for you because that is I feel is the beauty of thoughts, chaotic and scattered.

My mom is accompanied by her colleague now and they are out for a walk, downstairs,leaving me back, as the security in charge of all the luggage. I have people around, different kind of them, a child who is throwing tantrums to his dad, jumping around in a green tee and a weird jacket with a purple hood, an aunty who looks very angry even when she is talking to his son who seems to be the “most obedient nerd” in this world, there I see a fat young girl, gorging happily on pastries and now the child is kicking and catching balls (well, those small balls, made of rubber maybe 😛 ) There is this lady sweeper who sweeps less and grudges more very animatedly,maybe on the brutalities of this world. I see a young lass, who is wearing a trendy sweatshirt and sitting right next to me,trying to doze off while her mother is busy making her understand the importance of “some (i don’t know what” career option and my dad just called to tell me that how I should be careful while I am travelling and not talk to strangers and not take stuff from them etc and I just stopped myself from telling that I am now of 20!!
Another nerd just walked in with all his family!! Where has all the cute chickens gone?! :0                                                                           Oh well! I see an auntyji in a western attire, decked up in a la-lilo way and suddenly I remember dildos!! 😛 Lilo and dildo rhyme,you see.. 😛

Ah! I just had a break up few days back and let’s not discuss why because whatever I will try to say will seem like accuses  and seriously I am in no mood to do it now and not even later. Yeah, maybe I am desperately overlooking it, trying to run away from the depression of a broken thing but maybe this is what I need now and the most funny thing is just when I was sad thinking that why it didn’t work despite me being so much “enthusiastic” about it I see the other one laughing at it, (i heard so from a friend) so all my  wish of being down is wearing off and I see a girl of my age maybe(if not Olay did the trick) walking in with a guitar, I wish she gets a place in the my compartment then I can just befriend her and we can have a good time maybe! Oh! she is sitting beside me,she is with a friend though but I am smiling because from their discussion, it seems the friend is here to just see her off! 😛  Again from the discussion, she stays near my home too. 🙂 (Why am I smiling so much?! No, I AM STRAIGHT! ).

Mom and her friend are back and I am thinking of going out for a walk. Fuck, these guys have started discussing “clients” , I will just run away from here now, hoping to get her in the same compartment 😛 ONLY because I don’t want to get bored!

Lets see when again I can get back with updates. 😀


4 Comments Add yours

  1. arka mukherjee says:

    Good one….keep goin on nd on nd on….good luck and merry christmas frm a deleted arka

    1. creepycouch says:

      Hey thanks man! 🙂 Merry christmas to you too… have fun, Cheers!

  2. Varanasi! Awesome..have a lovely time in those narrow streets all over. Watch out for the deadly traffic. I still remember meetin ur mom on d return train journey in one of her similar training events. Wish her merry christmas from my side! Nd oh…merry christmas to you too. 😛

  3. creepycouch says:

    Yeah sudeep, even she told that incident again when we boarded the train today 🙂 Make merry and have fun ‘coz its christmas! 🙂

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