I stand,witnessing a day-break,a mug of coffee in hand and a thousand of thoughts lingering on my head. The smooth morning breeze touches my skin sending a smooth shiver down my spine.  My boyfriend has planned a trip to Melbourne for us, and we will be leaving for the most populous city in the state of Victoria.

And here he  is, joining me for the morning cuppa with a bit of snuggling. It feels wonderful when we just sit close to each other and plan our days. We have chalked out a plan and we are really looking forward to bring back some wonderful experiences back to our love nest.

We both share a common craving for classy stuff, so he chose “TOP DOWN TOURS” to plan our trip. They will provide us with a  sassy Chevrolet convertible leading to a tour that will be a conglomeration  of fun, excitement and adventure.  We plan to stay at the “LANGHAM HOTEL MELBOURNE” which is on the south bank of Yarra river. Gliding along Brisbane, port Macquarie, Sydney, Canberra, we will reach to the city which has the Southern Ocean and Tasman sea on its either side, the most happening place to be in Australia, the city of MELBOURNE.

Langham Hotel Melbourne
Langham Hotel Melbourne

An experience that we are really looking forward to is the street culture in Melbourne. The much discussed FEDERATION SQUARE, which has a dynamic history to itself and now is a landmark of the city’s culture. This city promises an amazing  street life with what they call the GOTHIC LANEWAYS. Quirky maybe but they sound amazingly interesting.  Life on the streets in there buzzes with activities. Be it those boutiques where you can splurge into some beautiful artifacts  to the late-night jazz bars, it seems like a beautiful alley to us.

Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My man is always into treating me fine, as much as he can and believe me he does that just fine. When other men crib and cry over their credit card bills he takes me with him on a shopping spree. Melbourne promises us with good options that will leave us  spoilt with choices. Names like SCANLAN  AND THEODORE, VIXEN and ÖBUS will give us the best of fine clothing whereas ALPHA60 has a refined collection of street wear. So, when we come back we surely want to have our bags full and that will be an amazing experience for us.

Shopping at Willow, GPO, Melbourne Australia
Shopping at Willow, GPO, Melbourne

My man is a guitarist and I myself is into singing, so wherever we go, we make it a point to visit places where we can get the flavor of local tunes. The concert clubs, jazz music clubs and all other Melbourne music venues are places we want to let our hair down. There is this band named  ‘Jet’ one of whose composition, ‘That girl’s a genius’  was rendered to me often by my man and  now I want to catch ’em live on stage,so that, when we are home, the hums and the drums will still be hovering on our mind. Mesmerizing, ain’t it?

Luluc, Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. Image courtesy: Carbie Warbie
Luluc, Northcote Social Club, Melbourne.
JET in performance

Beaches and amazing fun times go hand in hand. Melbourne has in tow some amazing beaches and to make the sand and surf experience more cherishable, they offer mind boggling water sports. We would love to visit ELWOOD and MIDDLE PARK , for they offer kite-surfing and sail-boarding. That will be the best way to make the most of Melbourne’s proximity to the GREAT SOUTHERN OCEAN. If we yearn for a cozy time beside the waters we would like to head straight to St.KILDA BEACH or PORT MELBOURNE. We really want to bring back some amazing water experience when we get back home.

St Kilda pier, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
St Kilda pier, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Kiteboarding, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Kiteboarding, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Bathing boxes at Brighton beach, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Bathing boxes at Brighton beach, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


We both are foodies. We love to gorge upon the delicacies and that’s why we will be looking out for places to dine and have some wine. Melbourne’s famous for its eclectic dining scene and its delectable spread. A lot have been heard about Richmond for Vietnamese, Carlton’s ‘Little Italy’, Fitzroy for Spanish and Brunswick for Lebanese. We will be gleefully gorging in those places and would love to come back home, tickling our taste-buds. Yes, we would also be visiting cafes, bistros and bars, how can we miss out on the street fun?!

MoVida Next Door, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
MoVida Next Door, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Photography is something that keeps us engaged for long. Melbourne has lavish parks, gardens, waterways , zoos – in short a healing touch of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. We are planning a wildlife safari in the WERRIBEE OPEN RANGE ZOO.  It feels awesome to be shutter ready for  rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras and monkeys as they roam freely through the grounds of the zoo.  We will also love to dive deep beneath the Southern Ocean and walk under the tunnels with the sharks and the rays.  The city’s parks and gardens are home to a wide range of wildlife. We wish to spot brush-tailed and ringtail possums in the FITZROY and TREASURY GARDENS on winter evenings, and admire the abundant birdlife including rosellas and lorikeets. We have also heard about the ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN which is  a natural sanctuary for native wildlife such as the black swans, cockatoos and kookaburras. So we want to adorn our dining room wall with some amazing wildlife photos and that surely will be the most precious experience we would like to bring back with us.

Wildflowers at Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Wildflowers at Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
Koalas at Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Koalas at Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne
 All these little hopes and we will be there, in Melbourne,  together and having a gala time and bringing back all these experiences we want to, home. We will be off for this plush city with a wild touch by today evening but   it’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!
So, what are you waiting for? Plan a tour to Melbourne as soon as possible and to know loads about the place, just visit , as we had already.
Hope to see you  planning about experiences YOU want to bring back with you from MELBOURNE. 🙂

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