Choose your love and love your choice

“Marriages are made in heaven” and those who really believe and say so knows nothing about the institution and here, I  have reasons to make you believe in whatever I believe till today.

How do you know that if you are with THE CHOSEN ONE for you or not? How do you commit yourself forever to one single soul and keep it, neglecting a thousand temptations?(Say, office mein nayi employee or pados ka  naya bachelor :P)


Imagine, one fine morning your mom comes up and says,”There will be people here waiting for you today in the evening, be home as soon as possible!” You almost fall from the sky(without the parachutes :O !! oouch! 😛 ), as you might be having some plans cooked up already or maybe you might be going through a mid-life crisis or maybe it’s just a you-know-how kinda days and so maybe you are not in a mood to meet someone that very day. Keeping all these in mind when you just utter, “Nah Mumma, not today.. you see…”   With this much, your darling mom will be having one-of-those expressions which is popularly defined as ,”MA or  telephone companies kabhi naa nahi samajhti!” and you will be saying a half-baked YES to the evening rendezvous .

Evening, you return home, in the cacophony of the traffic snarls to the just-a-little-less than Mozart‘s symphony of different category of relatives chatting away pleasantly about you, and about your oh-so heroic tales ,which ,makes you wonder if you were really this good ever! You could well only sympathize with those digesting the B*** S*** with pados ke halwai ka mithae! 

Ground zero, you are about to enter the room where ‘they’ are waiting for you and you chance upon his/her footwear which you guess can only be his/her’s and its of the type you would better have  wasted throwing on your ‘Hari Sadu’ kinda boss. The damage is already done, you enter the room with the grumpy face of your boss on your mind and mark my words even if the guy is a lookalike of Bale or the girl a la-Jolie, even if the souls were bound to click at the first go, you would still feel like, “abbe! koi kaam-dhanda nahi tha , jo apna chiriyaghar mere zoo tak le  aaya!” 

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THIS and the whole arrangement is screwed. If you say yes even after this, you are one of those who end up getting a divorce or at the psychiatrist’s chamber trying to FIX their marriage. Beauty! isn’t it! 😛

Jokes in my pocket, I would say love marriages are better any day just because you know whom are you living with. You at least have a fair idea about the person, his likes, dislikes, hobbies, lifestyle and SHOES(needless to mention)! 😛

There is a huge probability, people will say that loving someone and keeping that love alive in marriage is a real job since the family comes to play here because ‘you don’t really marry a person, you marry his family! ‘                                                                                                I would beg to differ. Whatever a person is, and however he/she thinks is a reflection of how well he/she has been brought up and this, in  a way, gives you an idea of how well can you gel with his/her family. Said this, I would like to fall in love first, understand the person thoroughly and only then, decide if I am ready to commit to that person for a lifetime and yes, one thing, marriage is something I prefer should be for one-time unless **conditions apply! 😉

Arranging a meeting and making it click just because the family wants is not the way because loving the arrangement becomes a tad difficult when you spend sleepless nights. Reason? No not the obvious but, the person you married snores the hell outta you 😛 !!

Said it all but yet  not done it, the girl in me still would support the love marriage any day, be it canteen-ka-gupshup  or one of those family discussions.

So people and even those who are still lost in the stage of evolution, my preference is LOVE MARRIAGE. The best part of marriage is friendship and that is something no one can ever ARRANGEPehle pyaar, phir takraar,phir break-up, rona-dhona, petticoat ya dhoti silwana aur end mein shaadi ! bole toh ekdum filmi-ishtile !  😛

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Marriages are NOT made in heaven, they are made here, on akka-Earth and that too by us, by our veto. So, go on, choose your LOVE and love your CHOICE .  🙂


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  1. gouri roy chowdhury says:

    This is a never ending debate. But I definitely enjoyed your view. Keep posting .

    1. creepycouch says:

      Thank you ma’am 🙂

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  3. nice post 🙂 all the best! Have a look at this one too whenever you get time 🙂

    1. creepycouch says:

      Thanks for visiting. I will surely drop by your post. Keep posting 🙂

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